Frequently asked questions.

1. Can my treating therapist conduct a proper assessment during an online consult?

Yes. There will not be a hands-on assessment, however there are ways your therapist will be able to assess you. One way being a comprehensive history will be taken to diagnose the cause of your issue, assess pain and movement patterns. They can also watch how you perform certain movements or exercises and therefore come up with a treatment plan based on this assessment.

2. Can my therapist provide proper treatment online?

Yes. Your therapist will provide evidence based treatment to treat any impairments. This may include education, pain management strategies, movement pattern strategies, and exercises among other things. With hands on treatment not being available there are still ways your therapist can teach you to self-treat to manage pain and provide symptom relief.

3. Is my personal information stored securely?

Yes. We will be using a software called Physitrack to provide online consultations. It is a secured and encrypted platform only you and your therapist have access too.

4. How can I learn the exercises, or get the handouts required?

Physitrack/Physiapp will enable therapists to send you your individually tailored exercises with pictures, instructions and videos. Within the application there is a section for your results which your therapist can also track your progress daily.

5. Is my online consultation covered by private health insurance or Medicare?

Yes. As of 31st March 2020, Medicare will now cover telehealth online consultations for Allied Health Services, you must have a valid Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) form written up by your GP. Please contact your local medical centre for more information. Also, as of the 14th April 2020 Private Health Insurance will fund telehealth online consultations, please find out how much your health fund will rebate you for the consultations. For patients without an EPC or private health insurance, we have accommodated to this market and have lowered our prices making this accessible to all patients. 

6. Do I need equipment for online consultations?

No. You do not need any special equipment, just a phone or laptop/tablet, ideally a quiet space if possible. Please however wear comfortable clothes that you can move in so we can assess you more easily.