I have suffered back pain, is there a way I can reduce the pain?

You can follow the 10 Tips For Back Care:

  1. Try to alternate between standing and sitting.
  2. Place a support in the small of your back when driving or sitting at a desk.
  3. Exercise by walking or swimming regularly.
  4. Try to lose weight to reduce the load on your spine and back muscles.
  5. Stretch regularly to reduce stiffness and increase mobility.
  6. Watch your posture; try not to slouch or slump.
  7. Be careful when lifting; make sure the load is not too heavy or too large.
  8. Try frequent gentle stretches to reduce the strain on your back.
  9. Keep moving, even if you have an episode of back pain.
  10. Consider whether you bed is providing the support you need at night.

Disclaimer: The information is for informative purposes and not to replace proper treatment. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Sydney Physios and Allied Health Services